A downloadable game for Windows

Join adventurous heroine Druid in defeating a variety of beasts and monsters using powers of nature!

To defend your heroine from particular monsters (like Shadow Lady or Evil Snowman) you can influence the weather and climate. Every beast has weaknesses to some climates or effects. There are five powers you can use: Rain, Snow, Warm, Hot and Wind. The power you use determines the transition of climate that will happen. Four climates are possible: Temperate, Temperate with rain, Desert and Arctic.

Hint: Shadow Lady can't stand nice flowers and Trolls are weak to scorpios' venom!


  • WSAD - Movement
  • 1 - Rain
  • 2 - Snow
  • 3 - Warm
  • 4 - Hot
  • 5- Wind
  • Esc - Pause menu


  • Barbara Boroń-Rak - 2D artist
  • Michał Magdziarz - programmer
  • Agnieszka Rybicka - programmer
  • Paweł Pietruszewski - sound designer

Made during TK Game Jam 2017


Druid's Adventure.rar 19 MB

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